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Posted by Walt Wells on 11 February 2016 06:37 PM

The maintenance conducted to expand the available public object storage is now complete.   

User data has been migrated back into the public object storage.   You will want to check your home directory for a new s3creds.txt bucket key.  Initial object store access may not be performative as we continue to sync back non-user public data sets. Once these syncs are complete (~1-2 weeks), we expect performance to improve.

Full maintenance details are below.   Thank you for your patience during this interruption.   Good luck with your research.

OSDC Griffin storage and compute maintenance

Who was Affected:
All OSDC Griffin internal users and anyone accessing public files at

How was I Affected:
Services were unavailable.

Maintenance Completed
  1. Change the Ceph pools to erasure coding so we can offer more public object storage.
  2. Upgrade Ceph OS.
  3. Add additional hardware to further expand capacity.  
  4. Upgrade OpenStack from Juno to Liberty.
  5. Upgrading OS on networking switches.  

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