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Posted by Walt Wells on 31 January 2016 08:03 PM

Maintenance Complete, Sat-Sun 1/30-1/31

Who was Affected:
PDC, Atwood, IGSB, Sullivan, and Griffin users.

How was I Affected:
PDC - Services were unavailable during maintenance
PDC, Atwood, IGSB, Sullivan - Intermittent connectivity issues to VMs.  
NOTE:  No VMs where deliberately stopped or rebooted during this maintenance window. However, some VMs may have crashed, or otherwise lost network connectivity. If you cannot access your VM, please reboot to determine if that resolves the issue. If there are any issues following a VM reboot, please contact

Maintenance Completed:
PDC, Griffin – Rebalance Ceph cluster, Upgrade OpenStack from Juno to Liberty.
PDC, Atwood, IGSB, Sullivan – Upgrading OS on networking switches.  

Ongoing Maintenance through 2/10:

Griffin -

  1. Change the Ceph pools to erasure coding to expand available public object storage.
  2. Upgrade Ceph OS.
  3. Add additional hardware to further expand capacity. 

Thank you for your patience during this maintenance period.   If you experience additional issues, please contact

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